steamed spinach and grilled tofu bagel sandwich

We love figuring out new ways to make gourmet tasting vegan food… especially when it’s quick and easy! Introducing the Steamed Spinach and Grilled Tofu Bagel Sandwich with a Garlic-Almond Cheese Spread; quick, easy, and oh-so-tasty!

I grilled the tofu on high heat for a few minutes in some grapeseed oil, tamari, and agave nectar, while simultaneously steam-sauteeing some spinach. While the bagel was gettin toasty, I made the spread by throwing some almonds, nutritional yeast, and sea salt in my spice grinder, grinding it to a powder. Then I added a clove of garlic and processed it until it was a paste.

Out popped the bagel, hot and toasty! I spread the Garlic-Almond Cheese Spread (aka the transformed contents of the spice grinder) on both sides of the bagel. Then I layered the savory grilled tofu and steamed spinach in the middle, and took out the camera to make the sandwich feel ultra sexy for a moment before I GOBBLED IT UP!!!  YUM! : )

The Bear and The Blackberry strike again!