sweet tamari tempeh quinoa bowl

Rice bowl! errr.. Quinoa bowl! HOORAY! This particular bowl features broccoli, cremini mushrooms, cabbage, and tempeh cooked in a tamari-based sauce sweetened with agave. Sweet and savory, fast and filling, tasty and [un]tedious, its the perfect meal!

I boiled about 2/3 cup of quinoa with 4/3 cups water (1:2, quinoa to water). While that was going, I chopped my veggies and tempeh, laid down some grapeseed oil, and got to frying (I tend to keep the veggies and the tempeh separate, but in the same skillet). All that goodness was on autopilot and I mixed tamari, sesame oil, agave, garlic powder, and onion powder in a small bowl and added to the tempeh side of the skillet. Cover. Wait. Patience. I SAID WAIT. Is the quinoa done? no? keep waiting. Check it again. Its done?? cool. Are the veggies/tempeh cooked? Yes? EAT.