chiocciole with butternut cashew cream sauce

We tried a new spin on pasta, making a homemade sauce that was delectable and interesting. Using the magic amazing food processor, we blended together roasted butternut squash, toasted cashews, earth balance, nutritional yeast, soy milk, lemon, garlic, salt and pepper. We added it to some boiled whole wheat chiocciole pasta shells (“snail” in Italian, … Continue reading chiocciole with butternut cashew cream sauce

walnut faux-parmesan

Loyal followers are aware we have tried to make a cheese-analog before, but this walnut parm was mind blowing. MINDBLOWING. “And it’s soo simple!” as Tyron Biggums would say.. Last time we tried sesame seeds since we had those laying around. Last night we used walnuts, and SWEETBABYJESUS it was good! We blended the walnuts … Continue reading walnut faux-parmesan