cookies and cream cupcakes (PART TWO)

So Shannon and I decided to have another cupcake party! We were going to make a new cupcake (matcha cupcakes with vanilla bean frosting) but unfortunately the co-op was out of both matcha and vanilla bean. What are two girls looking for a cupcake party to do?


This time we adjusted the frosting recipe so that it wouldn’t be so deliciously goopy. We simply added a lot less soymilk to the recipe, since the earth balance tends to liquify ¬†when it is beaten because of the heat produced.

These cupcakes were just as delicious, but even better since they weren’t dripping everywhere! We were nice this time, and decided to share. We drove around delivering joy and cupcakes to friends and coworkers. It was the BEST!

There are going to be lots and lots of future vegan cupcake parties! We are really looking forward to making these mysterious matcha and vanilla bean cupcakes… perhaps you will be seeing them at The Bear and The Blackberry soon!