peachy chia muffins

What happens when we have an abundance of chia seeds along with some peaches that don’t have much time left before they go back to the peach spirit world? Peachy Chia Muffins, that’s what! These are some tasty little muffins, with the perfect amount of sweetness to start the day off with a skip and … Continue reading peachy chia muffins

almond poppyseed muffins with orange zest

Everybody loves muffins! These babies aren’t your grandma’s muffins, and they’re not your grandkids muffins either! Almond and poppyseed flavors are balanced nicely, and the orange zest really brings the baked goods to life. Muffins should be delicately sweet, somewhere between desserty cupcakes and savory biscuits, so you can devour many of them at once … Continue reading almond poppyseed muffins with orange zest