the spatula of victory!

5 thoughts on “the spatula of victory!”

  1. Yes! Ali! This is great! I went raw once for 6 months and just found I function better without all the prep involved in raw fooding. Now I try to aim for about 60-70 percent. I get the majority of my raw intake through green smoothies and giant salads, both of which I love. Best of luck with this endeavor! Can’t wait to see how your raw bread turns out, that is one thing that never worked out for me! 🙂

    1. Thank you! : )
      Yeah it definitely takes a lot of prep, and part of me really loves that because I feel like that tends to trickle off into other areas of my life (boyscoutification!) but then when I lack the time or energy I really don’t like it at all! So I’m going to try my best!

  2. Best of luck w/ your raw adventures! I kind of come and go with it – yes, mostly because I haven’t done the prep work. Like Somer I get most of my raw via smoothies and salads – gotta get more creative. The bread idea fascinates me. Bring it on!

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