chocolate macaroons (raw)

10 thoughts on “chocolate macaroons (raw)”

  1. A few years ago Eric was in Berkeley at some Farmer’s Market buying cinnamon rolls. There was a mom and son in front of him. The cinnamon roll rack was empty, but the crafty baker turned around and restocked the rack! He looked at the boy and said…”Tada! Just like magic!” The little boy started to throw a fit and scream “MAGIC ISN’T REAL! HARRY POTTER ISN’T REAL!”

    Whoa kid! Someone has some issues to work out. Now every time I hear talk of Berkeley and cinnamon rolls I think of that.

    Just beware of magic while you’re there!

    Also…come back to Portland and we can meet up for a vegan food love affair!!

    1. Bwahahahahaha! Now how will I ever be able to believe in magic again? Thanks a lot little boy, for ruining cinnamon rolls and Harry Potter for everyone!

      Jef and I were just talking about a return to Portland, and perhaps Seattle and Vancouver, BC, as well! We did a big Northwest Road Trip last August, and I am craving another one!

      We are aiming for summer 2013… so I shall keep you posted! Imagine the vegan adventures! : )

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