bread, glorious bread! (raw)

6 thoughts on “bread, glorious bread! (raw)”

    1. Excalibur? I want one too! I bought a cheap jobby at Wally World years ago when I was on a raw stint. It got so hot it nearly burned my hand and it died at the end of a month. Oh the money we spend on our kitchen tools.

      Oh and B&theB, awesome bread, er, crackers!!

      1. Thank you! Next time I’m setting an alarm so that it is bread! ; )

        Yeah, I definitely recommend Excalibur, and I’m kicking myself in the booty-butt for not getting the larger nine tray, but hey, the smaller four tray is pretty awesome too. I just wish I had more trays for my bulk creative powers that are awaiting activation!

      2. Booty butt. Hehe! And yes, you’ll just have to make smaller creative power batches and Annie and I can cry and have excalibur envy for your 4 tray bad boy.

    1. Thank you! I will have the recipe up soon, I hope! : )
      Using an oven is doable, I guess, if you are not looking to keep it raw (that is, to keep the enzymes, vitamins, and minerals alive in the bread). Otherwise, my dehydrator has been my new favorite toy, and I highly recommend it to anybody!

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