raw food basics: soaking nuts

3 thoughts on “raw food basics: soaking nuts”

  1. Nice! Thank you for this post! I didn’t know that there were reasons for soaking nuts other than to make them soft enough for nut milks/cheeses– like to make them easier to digest… interesting! I like the tip for giving them back their nutty crunch, too, but do you know if there’s any good way to do that without a food dehydrator (and an oven that only goes down to 170)?

    1. I am glad that you learned something new : ) I was excited to learn this information as well!
      As for the oven… according to the professional raw foodists (I am merely a beginner!) the beneficial enzymes and majority of the nutrients will stay alive in a food as long as it’s internal temperature does not go beyond 118 degrees fahrenheit. With an oven, it is hard to have control over the internal temperature, especially if it only goes down to 170. Perhaps if you didn’t leave the nuts in there for as long it wouldn’t damage the nutrient content? But I am not too sure.
      The good news is, most nuts will still be pretty crunchy after a good air dry, so dehydrating them is just a nice touch, and not quite necessary.
      BUT I am really enjoying my dehydrator so far… and I have only had it a week. The possibilities of what to make with it are endless! I have made eggplant chips so far that were incredibly delicious, and tonight I am going to a class to learn how to make raw breads and crackers with the dehydrator.. and I know that making cookies with it is possible as well. If you are considering incorporating more raw foods into your diet, I think it is a fine investment, especially if you can find one used on craigslist or online. I have an Excalibur, and I love it, I just wish I got the bigger size!

      1. Wow, thanks for your response. I’m not looking to add any other appliances to my already-bursting-at-the-seams kitchen, but that’s definitely a good idea to think about buying a used dehydrator on craigslist at some point! Meanwhile I’m enjoying living vicariously through your blog posts about your journey into raw food.

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