fabulous falafel

10 thoughts on “fabulous falafel”

    1. If only I had read this post last night. Oh wait, it was the garbanzos I was out of. I’ve tried to make my own falafel but it always falls apart. Duh, add whole wheat flour! 😉

  1. Those are some cute falafel cubes! (I’m curious– did they just turn into a cube shape from pressing them down with a spatula in the skillet to brown them?) Anyway, they look great!

    1. They cubed during the turning process… I tried to roll them over with a spoon… and they cubed! I’m sure most restaurants deep fry their falafels so they don’t have this problem.. but if anyone has a trick to keeping their circular shape on a pan fry or bake… do tell!!

  2. Dare I try making falafels from scratch? They look so yummy. I’ve only made them from a box mix because I’ve been scared to make them from scratch but your recipe sounds easy.

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