chocolate-banana ice cream

22 thoughts on “chocolate-banana ice cream”

  1. I love the look of this, we are experimenting with vegan ice cream at the minute and its a real wonder. We just need a little sun now to enjoy it in the garden and we’ll be well set. Loev your blog….Happy days, lee

  2. Buh-lood?

    The real scoop on the hemp: really necessary? I must have some mutant allele that makes hemp smell and taste putrid and heave-ish. Look, I just answered my own question! Not necessary!

    After watching the first few episodes of Portlandia, “cacao” makes us giggle like 7th-graders.

    1. Nothing is necessary that is unnecessary to your taste buds! We did it mostly to make it more nutritious ( = makes us feel like we are doing a good deed by eating ice cream), and it does add a nice texture, but we have made it before without it, so do it to it! Ahh… yes…. CACAO!

  3. It’s too bad my blender is so loud and everyone in my house is sleeping! Otherwise I would be making that RIGHT now. Serious yummers!

      1. I made it anyway and I DID wake up my husband, and I did share. He didn’t complain too much!

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