kung pao tofu

I am so happy with the endless amounts of inspiration available to us… via cookbooks, blogs, restaurants, friends, and even the Co-op! Yes, the co-op has inspired us once again! Here is another dish that Shannon and I made (I am trying to convince Shannon to start her own food blog… ; ) DO IT … Continue reading kung pao tofu

peachy chia muffins

What happens when we have an abundance of chia seeds along with some peaches that don’t have much time left before they go back to the peach spirit world? Peachy Chia Muffins, that’s what! These are some tasty little muffins, with the perfect amount of sweetness to start the day off with a skip and … Continue reading peachy chia muffins

portland, oregon (25th birthday celebration extravaganza field trip!)

Portland, Oregon is Vegan Heaven. Vegan restaurants, Vegan bakeries, Vegan Bars, Vegan grocery stores, Vegan clothing stores, Vegan Tattoo Parlors… it goes on and on. Heaven, we are telling you, Heaven. Not to mention how beautiful it is here, so green and lush with lots of adorable victorians and neighborhoods, and plenty to do in … Continue reading portland, oregon (25th birthday celebration extravaganza field trip!)