san francisco day trip (herbivore)

The Bear and The Blackberry took the day off for a trip to the city for vegan eats, vegan sweets, delicious coffee, cool old records, and some cityscape exploration!

‘Twas a rainy day in the city, so our adventure began at Blue Bottle Coffee, for some fine organic caffeination and warmth. Despite the cold weather, we had to try the kyoto style iced coffee, which was ridiculously good; super smooth and chocolate-y. We also had a cup of the fresh drip Three Africans to warm us up, which was very satisfactory indeed!

After some rainy day city street exploring and record purchasing at Amoeba, we popped into Herbivore for a sweet treat. We shared a chocolate cupcake and a raspberry-vanilla cupcake… Mmmmmmmmmm.

Annnndddd….how about some more organic caffeination?! After all, trekking around the city in the rain and eating delicious cupcakes is soooooo tiring…so we popped into Ritual for a nice, hot cup of La Libertad coffee! It was conveniently located about a block away from Herbivore, so we took it as an offering from the gods and goddesses. Only fools would resist!

And back to Herbivore for dinner! Our original plan was to check out Millennium for a posh vegan feast, but after getting drenched in the rain, we decided we will return for a special trip in the future, sporting fancy (dry) attire.

Herbivore fulfilled our desires for a flavorful vegan feast in a casual atmosphere, with an added bonus of a friendly, on the ball staff. We started with the Vegetable Sampler, an assortment of charbroiled vegetables served with three tantalizing dipping sauces; pesto, tahini, and lemon-garlic. Then we moved onto the main attractions, the Phillo Dough Pie and Penne with Lemon-Herb Cream Sauce. SUPERB!

An indulgent trip admittedly, but all in the name of research! The Bear and The Blackberry returns with visions of vegan restaurants dancing in our heads… inspired, gratified, and full of deliciousness. Field trips = BEST!

3 thoughts on “san francisco day trip (herbivore)

  1. You have just described the most perfect of perfect days. Millennium is definitely worth it’s own day. I recommend visiting the very nearby amazing Geary street art galleries as well! Our favorite is Martin Lawrence. Happiness in the City :).

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