california wrap-rrito

Being a Californian, I often subscribe to the rationale some have dubbed Californian Cuisine, i.e. a mishmash of cultures in one dish.

Here, we have an interesting specimen: Spanish-Quinoa Curry-Tempeh Habeñero-Hummus Wrap-rrito, with avocado and onion (mouthful? hell yeah! thats how i like to eat, mouthful by mouthful). How does an amalgamation of this magnitude come to be??  Read on..

Start with olive oil in the skillet, add quinoa, tomato paste, garlic and salt. Pour in water, about double the volume as the quinoa, bring to a boil, cover and reduce to a simmer. In a separate skillet, I fried tempeh with olive oil, yellow curry powder, a dash of salt and a quarter red onion, sliced. When the quinoa was looking done (germ ring separated from the now translucent body and most of the water absorbed or boiled out), I heated up a tortilla on the stove with some of our excellent Homemade Habeñero Hummus.

Now, assemble and add avocado. Voilà! Wrap-rrito! Have fun being creative with your ingredients.

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