gratitude day!

We invited my Mom and Dad over to enjoy a Vegan Gratitude Day feast. We decided to change the name of the traditional “Thanksgiving” to Gratitude Day, because it doesn’t have any negative connotations involved, you know, like the poisoning and slaughtering of  the Indigenous Peoples of America and mass species-cide of turkeys. So we …

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california wrap-rrito

Being a Californian, I often subscribe to the rationale some have dubbed Californian Cuisine, i.e. a mishmash of cultures in one dish. Here, we have an interesting specimen: Spanish-Quinoa Curry-Tempeh Habeñero-Hummus Wrap-rrito, with avocado and onion (mouthful? hell yeah! thats how i like to eat, mouthful by mouthful). How does an amalgamation of this magnitude … Continue reading california wrap-rrito